We were allowed to park right away and pay for tickets right in this time. This place is a hit! Tourists from all over were waiting in line to get tickets for the falls! I had to have my wallet ready. After we got tickets, we could pass the gates and have some fun. There was a place called the "Devils Pool" where people can pretend to fall of the falls, but really they just float down a series of drifts safeley to a lower level. Many people were filming each other in the process. Also many people were hanging at the very top, where there is a sturdy gate to keep from falling off a waterfall. The tourists were flooding the area and I have finaly seen some Americans for once. On an information board near the concessions it explained how Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. It is also considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world. There was also whitewater rafting equipment. More of the extreme sports included bungie-jumping and kayaking. The history record I noticed at the map said this place wasn't safe a few decades ago due to random Guerilla Warefare. It also listed fatalities that occured in the past. One mentioned a couple that were killed by crocidiles while in the Devils pool. There are many different gorges that water can escape from. The first 5 are called the first gorge, second gorge, third gorge, fourth gorge, and the fith gorge. The last two are called the Batoka Gorge and the Songwe Gorge. It's been my favorite day so far and were on our way to fast, bucause we still have to reach our last location, the Atlas Moutains.