A tropical rain forest is a place filled with trees, wildlife, plants, and natives. Deforestation is a problem occuring in rainforests these days. Rainforest's have a moist, humid temperature. They have alot of rainfall, and it is common to have monsoons, an extremly heavy tropical, summer rainfall. It is a very common place that doctors have discovered medicine, due to all the strange plants. The rainforest is also responsible for 28% of the worlds oxygen. That is one of the reasons deforestation is a big problem. Due to very tall trees that are in the rainforest, it is very shady on the ground. Tropical rainforests are usually found near the equator. The rainforest is home to many posionous bugs and the Anaconda. Also many primates live in trees. Above the trees are the birds, which will find it's meal under itself and then enjoy it above the trees in saftey. The rainforest can cause many diseases, as well as cure them too. Many diseases caught in the rainforests are from the humid air and from animal protection sequences. The dominant plants are tall, broaded evergreen trees. There are also many kinds of vines, shrubs, herbs, and ferns. There is even lots of species of fish who live in ponds throughout the forest. However many primates and mammals the rainforest holds, human life is almost impossible in the rainforest.