I feel a bit empty without all of the group with us anymore, but I'll get over it. We arrived in the more south-eastern area because we wanted to avoid the dry, arid north. It's tropical down in the south, and much more enjoyable. Also, I wanted to avoid any unwanted dust storm or drought, which is VERY common in the north. We explored the Tropical Rain Forest for a while and then went through a few small cities. Most of the people we met were Black Arabs, and we felt not very liked by many of them. According to our "Official book of Sudan" the literacy rate for males is a shocking 71.8% and females a even more shocking 50.5%. There is even some druglords patroling certain areas with big machine guns! I'm having second thoughts about staying here in Africa, because right now i'm so scared I might faint. I've even witnessed some of the civillians getting shot by these ruthless terrorists. I've heard that many people are refuging to neighboring countries to escape this tourture. I can't believe I'm on vacation! There is alot of children trafficking and women trafficking and ALOT of drug trading. The goverment is too weak to even do anything about it. These people are crying, and many of them are getting shot. Some of the ones who live are raped publicly and tourtured. Others are slaves. Sudans economy has been declining since about two years ago, but before that it was booming, with oil sales, that is. Were moving to the Democratic Republic Of Congo!