It seems like it's been FOREVER on the bus but at last, South Africa! I arived in the Northern Cape province in the city of Kimberly. I noticed something special right when we passed the boarderline and it facinated me! The flowers were magnificient! I've talked with the tour guide, and he told me South Africa has around 20,000 different kinds of flowers! I had time to explore with a buddy, and I choose Karl because he's my friend. We went to a history musem where we learned about their originators, and the Natal Colonies. They also talked about segregation and it's first development of operationable nuclear weapons. They also talked about modern day problems and offered us a chance to dontate money to a family devastated by AIDs. We gave them ten dollars and left the musem. I secretly wished I could have given them my whole bank of money, but thats never going to happen. We passed many different Christian churches. It was very hot outside and we couldn't find many places to cool off, but it's summer in Africa! Now were going to get on a ferry and we're going to Madagascar!