We arrived in a short bit, it seemed fast, but that was probobaly because I was asleep most of the trip anyway. It was night, and you couldent see 5 feet in front of you. The tour guide intructed us to exit the bus and we did. He then brought down a box of NVDs (Night Vision Goggles). We put them on and then split up to explore on our own. The air was chill and the ground was moist. The grass went up to my shins and it was very scratchy. I noticed their was many trees surrounding me. There was a tourist station in front of me, so I went to check it out. They told me about the they precious, rare plants that live in these grasses. Of course, I was refrained from touching them. Most of the grasses that I am walking in are C4 grasses, and thats EXPLOSIVE, acording to the man. That was scarry, but he told me not to worry, its too moist at this time of night for any fires to start. I exited the building and ventured deeper in the heavy brush, hoping to find that special animal. I walked into a special plaque with a electic and barbed fence around it. It read "Land without trees but much grass". That made no sense, I was surrounded by dozens of trees. I then spotted a second plaque with a earlier date, it read "Land with trees and grass". Issue solved! I should be getting back to the bus, i'm dead meat in i'm left in here to sleep. No more time outs, it's time to dive staight in to South Africa!