The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. It is is northern Africa. It is Extremly Arid and many droughts occur in this area. Over Nine Million square kilometers long, it stretches from the Red Sea to to Atlantic Ocean. It is the number one place where droughts have occured and its hottest tempature recorded is 130 degrees farenheit. The bounderies have been shifting around for thousands of years but have remained in the same realative area. Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Chad, Niger, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania, and Morocco are inside the Sahara. Some of the passageways in the desert, like the way to Mali, for example, are hot travel destinations due to their curvy and windy paths. The West Sahara is geographically distinct. It is nicknamed the Sahara Proper. To the east is the Libyan desert. It is filled with rock-strewn plants and varying elevation sand deserts. This has naturaly interogated oasis's and plants grow freely. In the Winter, although rainfall is still uncommon, the moutains are usually snow capped. The Libyan is considered the most arid of the whole Sahara. It is considered as a chalenge to cross the desert on foot or camelback. It is used by some to prove that they are strong.