Its been a long flight, but I've finaly arrived at the airport. I am deep in the south and I am now relaxing on the Gulf of Guinea. This has given me time to talk to the local population. I have learned about their exotic rainforest! It's time to get moving!

The next day, I joined a local touring group and I walked through the coolest rainforest my eyes have ever seen! Their were flocks of maginifigant buterflies! I even saw the Native Drill Monkey. I didn't have a perfect experience, though, as we moved higher up north I saw many loggers destroying trees(Deforestation)! I noticed many rioters, and it seemed wrong. I asked my tour guide about this, and he told me that this is a major concern. It's the largest populated country in Africa, and that doesn't make it any easier to control. I've seen enough, and it's time to catch my bus. The North awaits.

The next day I find I'm getting too uncomfortable about these people. I'm noticing many petroleum trucks that keep entering the headquarters. They come empty and leave full. I went in the building to interview one of the workers. I asked one where they were getting their oil, and he repiled- "We get Petroleum from along coast, we're the 12th largest petroluem producer in world, and the 8th largest exporter. I asked him about how that effects his country, and he laughed and replied "Pollution, Global Warming, but we get money, and thats all that matters." He said they are part of OPEC and that keeps their economy alive. This made me mad and I left. I was ready for a new country. I left on the bus and we passed many Sahels and Savannas during the ride. We were headed to South Africa!