The Niger river is a river in Africa. It runs 2,590 miles. It is the 12th longest river in the world. It begins in Guinea. It then runs through Benin, Guinea, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria. Then it takes a 90 degree arc in the Gulf Of Guinea. Its most resourcful resource is oil, which is what Niger's economy is based on. Irrigation canals spread out over the river, sometimes bringing precious water to starving deltas. Fish is another natural resource in the river, providing food for bordering countries. There are many dams for overfloding prevention and hydro-electric electricity. Irrigation is VERY popular among the coast and enriches the soils with lots of minerals that makes the land GREAT for farming. If you look at the Niger whole, it looks similar to a boomerang. It has a long north path, the 90 degrees angle, then a long south path. The Niger is relied on by alot of its nearby countries for their economy. If somthing happens to this river, the countries could be in a economic crisis!