What a ride! It was the best entrance yet! The ride took many hours, but it was worth it. We arrived on the docks with the sounds of wildlife roaming in the jungle. We were on the fourth largest island in the world. I had no idea Madagascar was the largest animal inhabitant island in the world. The Indian Ocean felt great, and we spent most of the day just hanging out on the shoreline. We did, however, go back to explore the Jungle and see the wildlife! We spotted some small living huts, and I was suprised when I found out they were actually selling things. Back at home, I wouldn't pay one dollar for a wet stick, so I think i'll pass on this one too. They were living off a dollar, that's it! They were all facing major poverty, and I can see why. There's not any way to make money here. Not many people come here, and they must live only on tourism. Also, killing the wildlife is illegal due to conservation. I got to spot the famous ring-tailed lemur being fed by a tour guide. We were able to go fishing on the Indian Ocean. I caught an evasive tilapia, and he I recieved a wood carved award! I will keep this and store in my trophy cabinet! Shortly after our fishing trip I got back on the ferry. It was a nice long relaxing ride home. We were going to Kenya!