Here we are in Kenya! We've been traveling on the Indian Ocean for so long. It seems like were not even here to explore Africa anymore! When we finnaly arrived on a tropical shore, there were alot of kids and wild animals roaming about. We got onto a transport bus and settled inside. The land was arid here. We drove across the entire country, (Which is about twice the size of Nevada) to Lake Turkana. We were in the middle of the Great Rift Valley. The hot, dry arid air made us uncomfortable. As we went to jump in the lake to cool off, an enviormental worker stopped us and said the water is way to dangerous to go swimming in, and that we could intake some deadly acids. So then I thought it over. We drove across a WHOLE COUNTRY just to look at a dangerous lake we couldn't even swim in. WHAT A WASTE! The worker said that the acids come from industries some distance up from us and we are stuck cleaning up their mess. They said they were trying to dam the Omo River because of it's overflow, which is contaminating the whole lakeside. He also mentioned that they have no sewage treatment facilities, so there could be even more disgusting toxics than pesticides floating in these waters. We didn't want to stay any longer, and quickly made a group decision to go back to our boat. Egypt was up ahead. I was excited once again!