We arrived in the Democratic Republic Of Congo and it is one of our last stops. I hope it will be better than my regretful stop at Sudan. But the word "Democratic" gives me a assuring idea of what it is going to be like. Right now from of tourist handbook, I know that this is the 18th most populous nation in the world- while being 3rd in Africa. When we all visited a history center, we learned that it was involved in WW2, losing 5.4 million people. It's biggest loss in history. We also learned about their political crisis in the mid 1900's. We learned that during the 1970's their country was very unstable and underwent many changes. It went through a coup shorter and was brought stable. After we left the center we walked around a bit, interviewed some natives. We got to make a stop by the Congo River and to the city. Kinshasha is the largest city in DROC and most poplous. We learned by interviewing a bit that they make alot of money off of Diamonds and copper. We also got to see some of the leading women rights for women. They just won their independence just a few years ago and they continue to show they are proud. However they "Officialy won the Independence Movement" many men a sexist groups still work into ruling over women. That made me sad, thinking that some men think it's allright to hit upon women. I'm off of this free country, I'm moving East to Lake Victoria.