Deforestaion is when a mass amount of trees and wildlife is destroyed. Deforestation is ussualy occured by logging industries that don't put limits on how many trees they kill. Without many trees, it is harder to grow new ones. It may also causing certain types to become endangered or exinct. Trees provide oxegen for a country. Without many trees, pollution is harder to get rid of due to lack of more oxygen coming in. Many riots and campains are being set up to help protect the already endangered Rain Forest! Many people in African countries clear away forests because they need more land to grow crops. The land left by the forest is very fertile and works wonders. However, this technique is already harming the enviorment and has already done major damage. Some not so peacful riots include maching a farmland used by deforestation, then planting some wild trees. Another type would be attacking men cutting down trees. There's even been reports of sabotage of logging trucks. Peacful organizations from the US have encouraged others to fight for their rainforests. Some governments are even setting new laws to protect their rainforests. Biodegrateble and 100% recycled paper has been introduced into markets. These could even be the solutions to these problems.